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Nitrogen reduction through the Bio-NP

Manure refinement on a farm-scale

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The Bio-NP

The Bio-NP technology offers a solution for the farm's manure surplus. This technology processes the animal manure into fertilizer and with that closes the nutrients cycle on the farm. Thereby wastage of valuable nutrients is prevented and the need to purchase fertilizers reduced to almost zero. A side effect of using fresh manure is that the emissions of nitrogen into te surrounding area are almost halved. Especially in an area close to a natural reserve, where the need for reducing the nitrogen emissions is wanted, this technology offers a good solution. 


The benefits

  • Manure is turned from a cost into a profit;

  • The nutrients cycle is more closed due to less purchasing of fertilizers;

  • The use of fresh manure almost halves the nitrogen emissions;

  • The system works full automatic;

  • There is no more dependency on the capricious manure market.



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